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Magic´s in the air...Can you feel it?
December 23 of 2009
As I stood in Manuel de Falla’s gymnasium on a cold Tuesday morning, I could hardly believe how quickly a quie ...
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Pure Magic
December 16 of 2009
Pure Magic. It´s the best way to describe the IES Wizards Official Team Presentation. Pure high school magic a ...
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Go Navs!!
December 16 of 2009
Last but not the least!! With the IES Parque de Lisboa Navigators Official Team Presentation the presentat ...
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A pep rally
December 16 of 2009
To ¨pep¨ is to inject or have lots of energy, enthusiasm and high spirits. To ¨rally¨ is to gather up a large ...
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Made in the U.S.A
December 16 of 2009
When we went to the Official Team Presentation at IES San Juan Bautista, something called our attention. The c ...
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Prophecy Victory
December 14 of 2009
They envisage it clearly. The IES San Juan Bautista Prophets prophesy they will return home after the next 21 ...
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Villains take center stage
December 12 of 2009
Villains take center stage They are up for The game of The Year banner…IES Villa de Vallecas Villains want ...
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