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A Pep rally...by Linnete Franco
Linnete Franco, Fullbright Schoolarship IES Villa de Vallecas - December 16 of 2009
To ¨pep¨ is to inject or have lots of energy, enthusiasm and high spirits. To ¨rally¨ is to gather up a large group in order to muster strength or effort. Thus a ¨pep rally¨is a large gathering of people whose sole goal is to incite enthusiasm, support and high spirits for a community cause.

In high school, students live for the Friday every month in which they gather in the gymnasium or the football stadium in order to cheer as loudly as they can for the team that represents their school and by proxy represents them. The students dress in their school colors ready to yell and shout and scream as loudly as they can in support of their favorite player on the team.

All the students file into the gym while musics blasts from the speakers and the cheerleaders dance and cheer and fly in the air. The music, the players, the cheerleaders, the colors all form a cohesive mini community in support of one another and their school.

In high school I attended over 15 pep rallies in support of my high school football and basketball team the ¨Mustangs¨ .The pep rallies were held on Friday afternoons when we students had already mentally ¨checked-out¨ from school work and were eagerly looking forward to the weekend and ¨The Big Game¨. I wore blue and white and yelled until

I lost my voice and squealed with delight when the players came in the gymnasium to rock chants like ¨We Will Rock You¨. It was a great feeling to not only not have class to attend but to be united together as the team we were supporting. It increased morale among students and pride in our school.

Without realizing it we were learning how to successfully motivate and encourage one another.

Linnete with Corey Brewer at Vallecas Pep Rally


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