Pep rallies

Pep Rally is coming!

Such a trancendental game like The Game of the Year , must be presented in a proper way, a nd nothing better than a  Pep Rally, 

At each Institute a pep Rally  wiil be helded to introduce to the team that will defend their colours, as well as the cheerleaders and mascot

With  the great Joe Arlauckas as ceremony master, with  motivational speeches and the Official Team Foto shooting, Pep  Rallies will be the initial jump for The Game of the Year.

So this  is the schedule

DECEMBER  10th    13:00 Hrs   at   IES Cervantes

                        11th    11:00 hrs    at   IES  Antonio Nebrija

                                    13:30 hrs   at  IES Dionisio Aguado

                         12th     12:00 hrs   at IES Avenida de los Toreros


¡¡ HEY, HO...LET´S GO!!


Keep calm and be social



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